Trinity Talks Science – 006 – Gay-zing at the stars

Nuclear Fusion – 1:12
Genetics of Homosexuality – 13:05
Light Pollution – 25:05

For this episode, we interviewed Professor Brian Espey, who studies gas both in galactic and extragalactic systems. He tells us about dark skies, light pollution and observational astronomy. Ciaran Kelly, our resident PhD member, talks to us about a link between genes and homosexuality. Kate Finucane, our sound editor, after her trip to Joint European Torus or JET, talks to us about nuclear fusion!

Nuclear Fusion – Kate Finucane:

Evolution and Genetics of Homosexuality – Ciaran Kelly:

Light Pollution – Prof. Brian Espey:
Article on dark skies/light at night with some background information The web page also includes a link to the Citizen Science questionnaire:
A direct link to Irish Times/SFI/EPA light at night survey:
Light at night and sleep disruption survey:
Maynooth work on light at night and sleep disruption has been included on the RTE’s Brainstorm page:

“Werq” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hosts: Molly McCrory and Dan Giffney
Contributors: Ciaran Kelly, Kate Finucane, and Brian Kennedy
Sound Editor: Kate Finucane
Additional Editing: Brian Kennedy, Dan Giffney, and Molly McCrory
Executive Producer: Peter Cox
Publishing: Thomas Donovan
Public Relations: Molly McCrory and Aneta Gaxha
Producers: Dan Giffney, Molly McCrory, Kate Finucane, Aneta Gaxha, Thomas Donovan, Ciaran Kelly, Eleanor Mullen, Shaun Ussher, Mary Margaret Macauley
Special Thanks: Prof. Brian Espey, Trinity News, DU General Science Society

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